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Established in 2005, BoDoMo is a supplier of specialist chandeliers that provide a stunning focal point in any residential or commercial property. Our exclusively-designed contemporary chandeliers are available in a choice of glass prisms or in a range of optical crystals.


You can select from our Beehive, Waterfall, Classic Grande or Spiral chandelier ranges or alternatively have a chandelier manufactured to your individual requirements. BoDoMo's mission is to provide the highest level of service which is based on a friendly, personal yet professional approach to a customer's lighting requirements.


BoDoMo chandeliers have been used in several high-profile installations and our professional design and visualisation services allow us to work closely with our customers from initial concept stage to project completion.

We can also provide a wide range of consultancy services regarding the use of Smart Technology in the home and for commercial applications.


For an informal chat about your potential requirements give us a call on 01892 506970 or email


Prism Chandeliers

BoDoMo prism glass chandeliers make a real grand statement in any entrance hall, stair-well, foyer or high-ceiling retail environment.

The Italian cut-glass prisms refract the light beautifully and offer both a classic and contemporary look to suit a traditional or modern setting.

There two types of prisms available: Triedro (three-sided) or Quadriedro (four-sided) glass prism which can be supplied with either a chrome or 24 carat gold-plated frame.

A variety of shapes and sizes are available including the ever-popular Spiral which can be supplied in heights from 75 cms to 570 cms.

For those lighting projects needing to make an even more impressive design impact our unique 'Beehive' prism glass chandelier is hard to beat. 

The Beehive quadriedro prism chandelier is available in a range of three sizes with a choice of chrome or gold frame as follows:


BMD1 - 900 x 600mm, 70 Kgs

BDM2 - 1200 x 750mm, 120 Kgs

BDM3 - 1700 x 1000mm, 200 Kgs

Beehive and Spirals
BoDoMo Spiral 75 Quadriedro
BDM1 Beehive Chandelier
BoDoMo Spiral 75 Triedro
BoDoMo Spiral 150
BoDoMo Beehive Chandeliers
BoDoMo Beehive Chandelier
BoDoMo Beehive Chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers

BoDoMo is able to supply over 50 different designs of environmentally friendly lead-free optical crystals in a wide range of colours and sizes from 10 mm to 200 mm.


The crystals are made by some of the oldest established manufacturers in Europe who combine traditional handcraft with the latest technology to produce crystals of the highest quality.


Crystals can be supplied individually (bulk-packed) together with pins so that customers can make up their own desired lengths for chandeliers, crystal drapes or any other design project that lends itself to the beauty of crystal.


If you have a project in mind and would like some friendly, professional advice then give us a call on 01892 506970 or email and we will be happy to help.

Classic Grande
BoDoMo Waterfall Crystal
Classic Grande
BoDoMo Crystal
BoDoMo Crystal
BoDoMo Waterfall Crystal
BoDoMo Crystal Screen
BoDoMo Waterfall Crystal


Past and present clients have included: Alexander McQueen, American Express, Babuska Glasgow, BarWorks, BBC, Beaufort House, Berkley Homes, BIG Pictures, Bob Geldof, Bollywood Collier Row, Breakfast Group, BRIT Awards, Browns' Nottingham, Clerkenwell House, Conde Nast, Conran Design, CZWG Architect, Delicious, DIESEL, EMAP, Empire Club, Endemol, FABRIC LONDON, Fierce Model Management, Glamour magazine, Gorgeous Design, Graham Norton Show, GUCCI, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, INTO, Jamie Oliver 'FIFTEEN', Jeremy Irons, JIGSAW, Lee Stafford SOHO, LOCO, London Magazine, Lorrells, Loungeover, LUNA, Lutterworth Opera Group, Maharishi, Malo, Norah Jones Commercial, Oasis, Paul Smith, Paul Weller, PHD Media, Pongees Silk, Ralph Lauren, Rankin Photography, RDF Television, Robbie Williams, Sadie Cole, SCALA, Smith's of Smithfield, Sosho Match, Steven Berkoff, St George's Homes, SWAY, TANTRA, Target Living, Taylor Taylor London, Tequila London, The TEA Factory Liverpool, Time-Based Events, TSI Post Production, Under the Westway, Union Club Uth, Westbourne Studios, White Cube Gallery, World Pop.

BBC 'Hotel Babylon'
Beaufort House, Chelsea
Bollywood, Collier Row
Taylor Taylor, London
Tantra Nightclub, London
Lutterworth Opera Group
White Cube Gallery, London
Robbie Williams 'Rock DJ'


Smart technology combined with energy-efficient control systems are becoming an integral part of modern life and BoDoMo is able to offer relevant advice and expertise to both residential and commercial clients looking to upgrade their current installations.

If you are looking to integrate the latest smart applications such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Phillips Hue and other similar applications to your lighting system designs we can offer a professional installation and support service.


Since smart technology encompasses a wide range of complementary integrated devices we can also advise on a broad range of applications including security (alarms and CCTV), home cinema and sound systems.

For an informal chat about your potential requirements give us a call on 01892 506970 or email

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